Howto Stitch GoPro Movie Parts to one File with FFMPEG

After hours in a normal video editing program, I was looking for a solution to quickly and easily put together the individual GoPro videos to a video. The Solution from the User “
runwithoutpants “ here is my choice.

I use ffmpeg directly under Linux or under Windows 10 in the Linux subsystem. Instead of a simple merge in a video editing software which took 8 hours I am about this method now at about 8 minutes.

How does this work ?
With the command: ffmpeg -f concat -i input.txt -c copy output.mp4

the list is processed in the input.txt file and „cut“ one after the other in the new file.

Example input.txt (keep in mind that lower and uppercase is correct(include Filetype)!)

file GOPR1911.mp4

file GP011911.mp4

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