Fix Standby WiFi Problems at Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Since the Upgrade to 16.04 LTS my WiFi doesnt work after a Standby Time. So every opening of the Notebook Display i had to Restart the System. A little fix that i found here was: to restart with a script everytime network-manager when the System came back from Standby.

  1. Add a Script with „sudo nano /bin/fixwifi“
  2. Past in It: Line1: „#!/usr/bin/env bash“
    Line2: „sudo /etc/init.d/network­-manager restart“
  3. Make ist exeutable with  „sudo chmod a+x /bin/fixwifi“
  4. Make a Symlink: „sudo ln -s /bin/fixwifi /etc/rc2.d/S06fixwifi“
  5. Get Happy about the Fix

Keep in mind this fix and Patch it out after Ubuntu has find a solution, or you getting Network-Manager infinite Restart loops 🙂

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