How to make HDClone 6.1.1 (Symobi) bootable with YUMI or other USB Multiboot Programms

We use HDClone at our firm and i dont want to use Boot CD´s anymore so i decide to make a USB Stick with Multiboot Programms to have all together. But the Problem was that Miray Software has a own OS for his Tools called Symobi that not good running with syslinux or others. But i have tried to install the ISO Images with Yumi and it works, but you have to use the: „Try Unlisted ISO (GRUB from RAM)“ Function. Now i can boot the Symobi with HDClone without Errors. With the HDClone 6.1.0 i have Problems at the same function so i hope that in Future this way will work.

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  1. Jamie /

    I have had issues booting HDClone with YUMI and I did solve it with the „Try Unlisted ISO (GRUB from RAM)“. However, I found that YUMI has no tolerance for spaces in filenames.

    So, If you are having issues booting the HDClone ISO from YUMI, make sure there are no spaces in the filename. If you’re like me and use spaces in filenames to make them easier to read, just replace the spaces with dashes or underscores.

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