IPv6 via HE on a TP-Link OpenWRT Router


here is my Workaround to get the 6to4 Tunnel from Tunnelbroker.net to work on a Barrier Breaker 14.07 Router.

1. First you should have the Basic Configuration behind you

2. You need SSH Access to your Router:

3. with SSH run the Text below with your data line for line

opkg update
opkg install 6in4

uci set network.henet=interface
uci set network.henet.proto=6in4
uci set network.henet.peeraddr=ipfromtheheserver
uci set network.henet.ip6addr=’2001:________/64′
uci set network.henet.tunnelid=yourtunnelidnumeric
uci set network.henet.username=vHEXCODE.NUmeric
uci set network.henet.password=’YOUR_PASSWORD‘
uci commit network

uci set firewall.@zone[1].network=’wan henet‘
uci commit firewall

ifup henet
/etc/init.d/firewall restart

4. Install the Package „luci-proto-ipv6“

5. Now Reboot your Router

6. After the Reboot go under: Network -> Interfaces -> HE-NET -> Edit. Here type in the IPv6 Prefix you would be use.

7. And go to: Network -> Interfaces -> LAN -> Edit -> Scroll Down -> IPv6 Settings and activate the: „Always announce default router“ Option

This Workaround is what i can remember, it can be false. Please send me a Mail with Corrections.

Edit: Is it not working without Problems. I test it a lot…

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