Virtualbox Guest Additions under Zentyal 4.0


when you install Zentyal 4.0 Server in a VirtualBox VM you have to install the Virtualbox Guest Additions for the Automatic Resolution Change and more features.
I tested it with this options:

1. Finish Zentyal 4.0 Setup
2. Make the first Update via Zentyal Control Panel
3. Reboot
4. After the Reboot open a Terminal
5. type: „sudo su“ Press Enter and enter your Password, press Enter to be root in this Terminal.
6. type: „apt-get update“ and press Enter to Update the Ubuntu/Zentyal Sources
7. type: „apt-get upgrade“ and press Enter to install all available Updates
8. Now reboot again
9. After the reboot open a Terminal
10. type: „sudo su“ to be root
11. type: „apt-get install build-essential“ to get the Build Tools for Ubuntu
12. type: „apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r)“ to get all needed Headers for the used Kernel
13. Now insert the Quest Additions ISO via the VirtualBox GUI
14. Mount the „CD“ with „mount /dev/cdrom /media/cdrom“ in a Terminal
15. Run the Setup with „/media/cdrom/“ in a Terminal
16. Now Reboot and see the Changes in the Best Resolution !


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