• Far Cry 4 unlocking the Bushman Weapon with Far Cry® 4 Arena Master App


    im want to have the Bushman Weapon Ingame but dont want to play Hours of my Life in the Arena (Im not a PvP-Fan…). So i search in the Web and find a way: You can use the Android App and Play on them…

    1. You need FarCry 4 with the UPlay Account
    2. Download the Android App
    3. Start the App and Play the Tutorial, after a while you have to Login in UPlay
    4. Play (If you have no fun at this you can farm with the first Arena Boss and 4 Bears ;-))
    5. After you are Level 10 you have to Sync the App (Green Check at the upper Right Edge)
    6. Now Start FarCry4 and load your Savegame.
    7. After you are in the Game the Level was 10 but you cant get the Weapon, here you have to Play one Game in the Arena to Sync the „Achievement“.
    8. Have fun with the Bushman 🙂